Solutions for early detection of fires in industrial and forest environments


Sistemas automáticos de seguridad en infraestructuras civiles


Security systems in military infrastructures

Intelligence for a changing world

Surveillance and security systems for civil and military facilities of all sizes, with solutions tailored to various sectors including industry, environment, defense, public administrations and private companies: ports, airports, photovoltaic plants and other continually expanding areas.


We have innovative and cutting-edge solutions for early fire detection, with false alarm elimination. 


We develop and implement advanced automatic security solutions for critical civilian installations, such as photovoltaic plants.  

SR7 Defense

We design and deploy advanced automatic security solutions, integrating all types of sensors with our Security Platform.

Vehículos y personal detectados por una cámara térmica

We specialize in working with all types of sensors such as thermal and visible spectrum cameras, radars, fence sensors, ground sensors and communications. We are experts in thermal and conventional image processing, and we have our own Security Platform that enables the integration of new own and third-party systems.

We install our products and provide our services on all continents, offering tailored responses to the needs and demands of each client, whether it involves creating new installations or integrating new systems into their existing structure.